Tips on Creating a Home Theater


Before you begin, you will need to choose a room for your  home   theater . Decide where everything will be placed in the room and what you want in the room including all the audio equipment including the HDTV, DVD players, speakers, gaming  systems ,  mini  kitchen area, and seating. Remember these are just examples; you may only desire a small room for family only and do not wish to have a  mini  kitchen.

Draw up a map of where everything will be placed. Now, decide what size HDTV you desire and where it will be placed. If you want a bit more flair in your  theater  room, you can even install a remote control curtain  system  that will allow you to open the curtains when the family is ready to watch the movie.

Today, you can find all kinds different things for your  home   theater  such as theater seating that offers recliners or you can use the furniture you now have. The idea is to design the room to fit your dream  theater  room, not what someone else believes is the best  theater  room.

After you know what you want and where each time will be placed, you will ready to purchase the items. You should consider painting the room before you start putting in the HDTV and the other equipment or you will be moving all the stuff back out of the room in order to paint. Instead of painting the room, you may decide to go with soundproof remote control curtains that can be used while watching movies and then opened at other times of the day.

If you decide to paint the room, the best colors are dark and flat such as maroon for the walls, the same goes for the color of the curtains if you choose this option.


B&W Home Theater Speakers


About Bowers & Wilkins

Founded by John Bower in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins is a pioneer British brand in high-end  home   theater  speakers market. Their product and quality is considered to be the best in the market. This is often pronounced as simply B&W. Their flagship product includes Prestige, Nautilus speaker, 800 series, custom  theater  700, 600 Series 3, XT Series etc. Most of the classical music label uses 800 series to monitor their recordings.

Other than  home   theater  speakers. B&W have vast range of Floor standing speakers, Bookshelf speakers, Subwoofer with satellite and in wall, in ceiling or outdoor speakers.

Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins  home   theater   system  is more than just watching a nice TV. The full movie experience can only be enjoyed with multiple speaker setups to experience the audio output from all audio channels.

Like an excellent  home   theater   system  Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers generally consist of five or more speakers known as 5.1 speaker  system  which includes 5 satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Other option is 7.1 speaker  systems  which includes 7 satellite speakers with one central subwoofer. The satellite speakers are positions all round the room to create full  theater  like experience. Sub woofer places on the ground to feel the low frequency notes.

Normally Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers can be bought in a set called “ home   theater  in a box” or HTiB. This HTiB sets consists of all the speakers needed to create  theater  like experience. These Htib  systems  are without amplification or control unit but all the speakers in Htib are pre matched to produced best sound and comes in single box which also saves on buying individual speakers.

Positioning of Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers

Since response of frequency and audio signals are deeply effected by their position. So in  home   theater   system  all the speakers must be positions at designated position.

Floor-standing speakers

Floor-standing  home   theater  speakers create more lively sound with positioning on above the ground and everybody is well accepts their positioning these are called tower speakers. Here comes the role of speaker’s stands. Tower speakers are costlier than other bookshelf speakers but since  home   theater   system  needs them and their wide range of frequency with deep bass give you more lively sound per watt of amplifier power.

In fact it looks very passionate to sit between the middle like in  theaters  any view the movies when sound comes to you from all around the corners.

Pricing of Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  Speakers impressive range is available in almost every size and price category. You can find the lowest price Bowers & Wilkins  Home   Theater  5.1 Speakers which includes left front, left surround, right front, right surround, center front and one sub woofer to create  theater  like sound  systems  can be bought spending couple of 100’s bucks.


Onkyo Home Theater System


We looked at 21 different Onkyo  home   theater   systems  to bring you the best of the best. We’ve found that Onkyo is one of the best brands for  home   theater   systems , giving consumers the best quality for the most affordable prices. If you’re shopping for an Onkyo  home   theater   system  then you need not look any further than this page. Simply compare the two  systems  below and choose the one that best fits your needs. Whichever  system  you decide to purchase, you certainly won’t regret it.

Top Rated Onkyo  Home   Theater   System  – Onkyo HT-S990THX

Average User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Onkyo HT-S990THX is the highest rated Onkyo  home   theater   system  out of all 21  systems  that we reviewed, and it has a hefty price tag to boot, retailing at around $800. This Onkyo  home   theater   system  boasts 110 Watts per channel minimum into 8 Ohms, 2 Channels Driven, FTC. With this Onkyo  home   theater   system , you can expect to receive 7.1 surround sound.


* Cost effective.

* Easy to set up.

* Color coded wires and connections.

* Has sufficient wiring for a small room.

* Great for small rooms.

* So easy to use that you probably won’t need the manual.

* Speaker distance is fully configurable.

* Speakers look nice.

* The sound, clarity, and bass are incredible.

* Rivals more expensive  home   theater   systems .

* Receiver is feature rich.

* Tons of listening modes to choose from.


* Receiver does not support HDMI.

* Speakers are heavy.

Additional Product Specs

* Weighs 136 pounds

* HDTV-Capable (50 MHz) Component Video Switching (3 Inputs/1 Output)

* Color-Coded 7.1-Multichannel Inputs

* XM Ready with XMHD Surround

* Brand Name: Onkyo

* Model: HT-S990THX

* 192 kHz/24bit AD Converter

* Dolby Digital EX / Pro-Logic IIx

* DTS-ES 96/24 Neo6

* NeuralSurround

* THX Surround EX

* Component Video Upconversion

* RI (Remote Interactive)

* WRAT (Wide Range Amp Technology)

* Built In Decoder: Dolby Pro Logic IIx, THX Cinema, DTS-ES decoder, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS Neo:6, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, DTS 96/24, DTS decoder

* Remote Control Included

* Optical Digital Input included

* Coaxial Digital Input included

* Headphone jack included

* Digital Tuner Technology

* Supports Radio bands AM/FM

Best Selling Onkyo  Home   Theater   System  – Onkyo HT-S3300

Average User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Onkyo HT-S3300 is the best selling Onkyo  home   theater   system  and with a high rating score to boot. This Onkyo  home   theater   system  outputs 660 Watts into 5.1 Channels. Needless to say, it doesn’t have as much power as the Onkyo HT-S990THX but it also only costs a fraction of the price, retailing at between $250 and $320.


* Set up takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

* Wires are color coded for easy set up.

* Has a HDMI repeater.

* You only need HDMI cables without extra audio cables.

* Supports all formats.

* On screen display is great.

* Menus are easy to use and navigate.

* No background noise when not in use.

* Speakers are great for the price.

* Sound rivals that of more expensive systems.

* Receiver does not run hot.


* No video inputs on front side of the receiver.

* No automatic acoustic correction, so it has to be done manually.

* Only 3 HDMI input.

Additional Product Specs

* Brand Name: Onkyo

* Model: HT-S3300

* Weighs 50.7 pounds

* Product dimensions: 16.3 inches by 21.1 inches by 29.6 inches

* HDMI Version 1.4 to Support 3D Video Formats, Audio Return Channel, Deep Color, x.v.Color, LipSync, Dolby TrueHD

* DTS-HD Master Audio, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, Multichannel PCM and CEC

* 4 DSP Modes for Gaming: Rock, Sports, Action, and RPG (Role Playing Game)

* Music Optimizer for Compressed Digital Music Files

* Audio and 1080p Video Processing via HDMI (3 Inputs and 1 Output)

* Built in decoder: Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital

* Remote Control Included

* Optical Digital Input included

* Coaxial Digital Input included

* Headphone jack included

* Digital Tuner Technology

* Supports Radio bands AM/FM

* 192 kHz/24-Bit Burr-Brown DACs

* EX.Bass

* A Suite of Audyssey Technologies

* Convenient Overlaid On-Screen Display via HDMI


DVR Surveillance System


In this day and age, a lot of people choose to protect their homes with surveillance cameras. This helps them keep track of their property and check what the situation is outside without leaving the safety and security of their home. This also in turn allows them to check their property even if they are not physically at home.

One of the most effective and efficient way in securing your home is through the use of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) surveillance system. A DVR stands as the receiver and recorder for the video feed that is sent out by the camera system scattered around the property. Knowing your security requirement will help you determine how many security cameras you will need on your property. Entry points and exits as well as potential hiding areas for intruders are key points that will require security cameras.

If you have a DVR surveillance system installed, you will have the option of adding extra security gear for your surveillance system such as enclosures for vandal-proofing protection. You can also equip your surveillance equipments with weather-proof enclosures should you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable. In any cases, adding these add-ons to your security system will help prevent the elements as well as intruders from destroying or tampering with your surveillance equipment.

Our technology has advanced to such a degree that wireless systems now can be viewed in real-time from remote locations. This makes securing your place a lot easier as well as cheaper because you are no longer compelled to have an onsite security guard. Miniature cameras can also be taken advantage of because they can be easily concealed, giving the impression that a property is not protected.

Remote cameras are not usually connected to electrical outlets which means that backup batteries are needed should your current batteries run dry. For the DVR surveillance system, it is advised to invest on a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in case there are power outages.

Overall, once you have this system up and running, you will find simply how reliable having a DVR surveillance system is and how much safer you feel knowing you have a security system keeping an eye on things for you.


XM Radio and Your Home Theater System


An XM Radio-ready  home   theater   system  makes it easy to connect an XM  Mini  Tuner and  Home  Dock to your audio components. This will allow you to receive XM Satellite Radio reception in the room your main  system  is in, or throughout your  home  if you so desire.

XM Radio is a subscription service which allows you to receive over 170 digital radio stations via satellite, no matter where in the United States you are, for an affordable monthly fee. If you have problems with FM radio reception where you live, you should definitely consider adding this option to your  home   theater   system . There is a radio station for everyone in the family to enjoy, and it is an economical way to experience a wide variety of music with very little effort.

The addition of digital radio service is a logical choice for a  home   theater   system . You can use the components you already have in place to enjoy commercial free music, sports, talk shows and news. Many of the  home   theatre   systems  available are XM radio ready. Some of them are also capable of recording music from your favorite satellite radio channels.

Detailed instructions are available to enable you to equip your  home   theater   system  with satellite radio. Generally, you connect the digital receiver into the line level input of your audio  system . Then, connect the power adaptor and  home  antenna, positioning the antenna in such a way as to maximize the signal strength that will turn your  home   theater   system  into a veritable smorgasbord of musical enjoyment.

You owe it to yourself to maximize your investment in a  home   theater   system  by including the delights of satellite radio. Ever wonder who was singing a certain song? This information is displayed on an easy-to-read screen on the front of the digital receiver. With satellite radio, you will get music choice and variety, and may even discover new artists who will quickly become your favorites.

The improved sound quality of the digital signal, coupled with the excellence of your  home   theatre   system’s  speakers, can make listening to music a truly memorable experience.


Spy Cameras


Technology, through the times, has offered many options in protecting the society from crimes and evil-doings. However, with industrialization, proliferation of computers and complex political and social systems, our society needs a heightened level of security. Police and military personnel continue guarding us against criminals and terrorists. However, several individuals also consult other security services and private eyes to conduct their own investigations and protect their properties, families and businesses. They invest on modern and efficient surveillance equipment to monitor activities within their facilities. Modern houses are also equipped with spy cameras to secure families and alert them of suspicious individuals.

Spy cameras are interesting gadgets used by detectives in our favorite spy movies. In real life, the spy camera is very functional in protecting our homes and businesses. The device is also called by other names like hidden spy camera, wireless spy camera or wireless mini spy camera. Modern spy cameras are very small and concealable to the naked eye. They provide valuable leads and information to private investigators and police officers. They provide hard and accurate evidence in court during prosecutions. These spy cameras help a lot in alarming us of robberies and crimes before the actually happen.

Spy cameras are often times situated in places that require much security. Examples of which are banks and airports, casinos and military facilities. Spy cameras in the United States and United Kingdom are installed in public building and transport systems to monitor any acts of terrorism. In these places, hidden spy cameras are hardly noticeable by people. They have been specifically designed and manufactured to blend with their surroundings.

A few types of this surveillance system that are available in the market include the nanny spy camera, digital spy camera, pinhole spy camera and wearable spy camera. Originally intended for security and protection functions, the spy camera, however, is also used in illegal operations like blackmail and prostitution. Many debates about public security versus privacy have sprouted with the introduction of these spy cameras surveillance systems. It is therefore necessary to consult with a lawyer about the legal aspects in installing spy cameras.


Home Security Surveillance Units


Nowadays, anyone and everyone who owns a  home  also has plans to buy a security system, it is fast becoming as common as having a television what with all the reduction in prices as well, no one may wonder why the necessity to get a  home  monitoring system, are the crime rates really that high? Are really that many  homes  and offices being burgled? Well, the sad truth in the matter is that yes, crimes have been on an alarming increase and with more and more people being able to afford security systems, it is a sensible way of ensuring the peace of mind for one’s family and material possessions.

Recent reports are that house are being burgled every 15 seconds believe it or and now one out of every  home  owner ahs bought or is considering buying a  home   surveillance  system. Depending on how much one has to invest, a security  camera  can be as cheap as $12 or run into thousands, it goes without saying it is good to do some research prior to investing in a system. There are definitely laws and protocols that must be followed when one has bought a security device as false alarms prove very dangerous. Some states subject the owners of the false alarms to hefty fines. The security company that you subscribe to will most definitely report all false alarms to the law enforcement agencies.

Technology is rapidly progressing and security systems that are state of the art  surveillance  equipment are available at dirt cheap rates. Now this is both an advantage as well as a huge disadvantage. The thing is, as soon as you invest in one state of the art  surveillance  gadget, it literally becomes obsolete the next day. For tenants living in rented quarters, safety is now easily affordable and alarms that cause a huge noise disturbance are on the market for under $20. This in itself is usually sufficient to ward off intruders.

There are usually two types of  home   surveillance  systems that one can get, do it yourself instillation systems and professionally installed systems. The professionally installed systems usually have their own monitors and provide the services based on monthly subscription or other plans to suit your specific needs. There is no necessity to say that this will definitely work out to be more expensive.

The do it yourself systems are usually available in stores that sell  surveillance  equipment, one thing that you need to ensure is that you go to a reputed dealer and get a warranty with your equipment, you do need to understand that what you save where cost is concerned you may lose out in quality.

Some of the technologies that these systems work with are wireless and with wires. The wireless systems are definitely the ‘ in thing ‘ with all super stealth modes and highly sensitive motion detectors offering the highest form of security. These are definitely easy to install but a lot of problems can accompany all this. Wireless systems generally have many false alarms which is most certainly a hindrance. You don?t want to be fined for a false alarm do you?


Security Camera – Surveillance Camera Systems For Home And Office


In this day and age of uncertainty it is no small wonder that security systems have been a booming industry. They have always shown strength in numbers, but not as much as they have in the last 5 years. There are a myriad of systems that one can choose from, but none better, in many respects than home security cameras.

Security cameras, though not the least expensive of options, is probably the most sound in your decision as a business or homeowner. Surveillance cameras that will spy into any number of nooks and crannies of your business or home, offer unbridled protection in the form of visual proof; proof that without a security camera system would have never been attainable prior to its installation.

Your home security camera central core should be placed in a protected area of your home, an office or second bedroom. You place your security cameras where they can be seen and not seen, in areas where you may otherwise be blind. Your home security camera system should, naturally, cover your entry and exit points.

We know that home security cameras are a formidable crime deterrent, but there are so many home camera system choices currently on the market. The very first thing you should do is decide on just what type of home security camera system you need. No matter your choice, be it a wireless security camera system or hard wired, there is no question that it should include security cameras.

Wireless security cameras for the home aren’t a bad idea. They allow you ease of use and installation. You can also move them when you need to upon finding holes in your home security system needs. Other options may be weighed as well such as DVR system or tape recording which comes hand in hand with your home security camera system.

Your business is important to you. For that reason it’s important to not get a security camera system meant for a home or a wireless security camera system. You want the stability and reliability that hard wired security camera systems offer you. Though popular due to ease of use, wireless security cameras are less effective than direct connected security camera systems as the quality of picture is not as good. They are, however, perfectly useful as a home security camera system.

No matter what your situation may be, home or business, the answer to the question of personal security is never difficult. You can not replace the effectiveness of a security camera system to aid in your family’s well-being. Choosing a security system, be it a wireless security camera system or some other such system you will feel better knowing that would be criminals will be less than eager to break into your home or business when knowing that their chances of being caught are much greater.


Video Surveillance Cameras


Video  surveillance   cameras  are becoming common by the day as the IT sector experiences a boom and related technology becomes cheaper and more advanced. There are many types of  surveillance   cameras  such as dome  cameras , hidden  cameras , smoke detecting  cameras , and “smart”  cameras  that are equipped with motion detectors.

Video  surveillance   cameras  can also be classified according to the technology that is used in them. CCTV cameras are those that have a completely closed circuit and all the elements are connected together. Conversely, advanced digital  cameras  are those that are not connected by a circuit but can be located at any site around the world. Digital video recorders do not need VCR’s and other recording equipment in order to capture or record on-site activities. The software automatically records any unusual activity in odd hours of the day.

Video  surveillance   cameras  are used in school buses and schools to monitor activities of students. Hidden  cameras  are also available in the market and are usually hidden in clocks, smoke detectors, and soft toys such as a teddy bear. These  cameras  can also be differentiated according to their efficiency. A 360- degree revolving dome  camera  can capture images anywhere on the site. Infrared  surveillance   cameras  are used by government agencies such as the SWAT for tailing suspects at night.

Security agencies and detective agencies use these  cameras  to monitor people at their client’s request. It is legal to install a  camera  and record public activities and there is a lot of debate over this subject. However, even government agencies such as the federal bureau of investigation need a warrant in order to carry out video  surveillance  in private places or  homes . Tiny Hand held  cameras  are also available in the market that helps in monitoring the elderly and in crèches where children are kept under watch.

Video  surveillance   cameras  are available in the price range of $100 to $800 according to the technology that is used in them. Fake  cameras  are also available for as less as $3, which act as deterrents for robbers and thieves.


Home Security Surveillance – A Trap For Thieves


Besides being an essential part of security measures in commerce and other areas of strategic importance, the  surveillance  devices have now extended their usage for personal and residential purposes as well. The  Home  security  surveillance  is hence gaining a momentum to avoid robbery and theft since the prices have been reduced sufficiently due to the advanced technological success and the common man can now easily afford this gadget in order to provide a better and sure security for his  home  and surroundings. The  Home  security  surveillance  indicators can assist detectives, police and other intelligence agencies in tracking up the thieves and robbers.

Candid Outlook Of  Home  Security  Surveillance  Devices:

The  surveillance  devices that are big and easily visible to public eye are more prone to be destroyed by the culprits and thieves. That is why the modern  home  security  surveillance  devices are more effective due to the fact that they can be cached easily for example in smoke detectors, stuffed animals, and other tiny or inconspicuous objects. They can also be hidden in other nooks and corners of the house where they function without being noticed.

Smooth Handling Of  Home  Security  Surveillance  Devices:

The installation procedure of  home  security  surveillance  devices is quite easy vis-à-vis the conventional usage of systems with wires and recording apparatus, usually known as a DVR, digital video recorder. The data is automatically recorded either directly to a hard drive or on to a removable CD or DVD; no manual or individual maneuvering is required. Yet the wirless systems of  home  security  surveillance  are still easier to set up without any wire connection to the recorder. The signals are transmitted through the wireless transmitters. Some systems are so strong that they can send videos more than half a mile thus having a probable coverage of houses over a large area. In this way the proprietor can even have a ready check over a small shed or watchman cabin across his lawn. For a higher privacy check, the wireless systems operate on an encrypted data with a minimum of 2.4 GHz connection. In this way the neighboring networking systems cant pick up accidentally the video feed.

“Bon Marche” Or Low Rates Of The  Surveillance  Devices:

The “bon marche” or cheap price value of  home  security  surveillance  devices may include several  cameras  along with a recorder for just a few hundred dollars for a complete system. The price can be higher depending upon the increased recording capacity of the  camera  recorders and may mount up to a few thousand dollars, but then for the  home  security one must not bargain in monetary terms as the peace and protection such security systems provide are priceless. So if you have a real concern for your  home  security then the  home  security  surveillance  devices are really ‘Bon marche’ or cheap vis-à-vis the treasures of your  home  that it helps you keep in safety and in full peace.